This event will be hosted by Founder & Creative Director of

Kaderique and Kaderique Connect

- Martine Cadet -


Join us for connections, support, great food, fun and of course one of the main thing Kaderique Connect is all about which is collaboration before competition.

This private dinner is designed for Creative Entrepreneurs (Bloggers, Photographers, Artists, Small business owners....) to have the opportunity to connect offline.



Who is Kaderique Connect?

A community of Creative Entrepreneurs supporting each other and building their brands together. Visit to find out more and sign up for FREE!


What should I expect?

  • You will be seating together along with other Creative Entrepreneurs

  • Ambience will be comfortable, fun, and energetic!

  • Cash Bar a la carte Drink Menu will be provided for your additional consumption

  • A Special Gift will be given to you to take home!

  • We will be collecting $40 from each attendee to cover the cost of their meal


Any Rules?

  • Dress fashionable (we will be taking pics!...lots of pics...)

  • Arriving on time is recommended

  • Come with your business cards!

  • Come with your $40 payment to cover your dinner cost

  • Limited seating available. Contact if sold out.


Where is the dinner and what is on the Menu for $40?





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